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Mealsy is a Marketing and online ordering platform for restaurants.

Mealsy is a software provider for restaurants

Mealsy offers cloud-based POS, Self-Ordering, and Online Ordering systems.

Mealsy POS

Your company to success

Easy-to-use, cloud-based, multi-location POS software for quick serve and fine dining restaurants. Tablet and traditional-POS-machine friendly software. Manage your staff schedules and monitor your restaurant performance whenever you want, wherever you are.

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Mealsy POS Feature
Mealsy POS Feature restaurant pos system cloud restaurant pos restaurant software restaurant pos POS software Mealsy POS Feature

Mealsy Self-Ordering

Your customers are your team

It is fun to use and smart to own. Increase the bill size and decrease labor cost by using self-ordering kiosk that your customers love to use.

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self ordering system
self ordering system POS software restaurant software restaurant Online Ordering Mealsy Self Ordering Feature

Mealsy Online Ordering

Less phone ringing, more cooking

Mobile friendly, engaging online store directly connected to your kitchen printer, reduces the time spent on the phone and decreases order mistakes. Your restaurant, your brand, your online store, no commision. Instead of paying high commissions own your online store in an affordable way.

Mealsy Online Ordering Feature
restaurant OnlineStore
restaurant website
Melasy OnlineStore
Melasy OnlineStore